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Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College offers a wide range of education programs. Mit Niels Brock is the digital classroom of the school. I was hired to help with the UX&UI.
Niels Brock use a LMS called Moodle which was developed in 1999. Our team from Learning Hub described it as a swiss army knife which indicates there was more to remove than to add in terms of features. I got the styleguide from 1508 and adjusted for readability on screen.


We looked at competitors like Lectio and send out surveys to the teachers and students, made focusgroups and workshops. A chatbot from Intercom was added to the existing website so the students could ask questions and send in requests during the project.

We realized the teachers reported abscence differently which frustrated the students. Another pain point was they wanted better acces to data about deadlines and status on assignments. Our solution was to build a dashboard on the frontpage with a different view for students and teachers.
Dashboard for students and teachers on the frontpage
Course completion icons


You can tailor courses to your needs in the LMS. My goal was to make the course progress as easy to follow as possible by highlighting the progress and active section. We added the possibility to view the course in a onepage flow, an accordion or by tabs.
Courses with standard view and tabs
Courses with tabs and accordion
Course completion


We altered the WYSIWYG editor so we could determine how the teachers layout the courses and get a consistent and pleasant view for the students.
WYSIWYG editor
Ratings of digital tools for learning
Website for onboarding teachers


We made a WordPress site for the teachers to get info on tools in Online Learning to help with onboarding. The site is being curated by the team at Learning Hub with guides and explanation on the different tools.

We added the possibility to comment and rate tools from the teachers besides Learning Hubs own rating.